ZenThai Shiatsu has a focus on treating the whole body in a way that enhances the flow of energy through the Traditional Chinese Medicine channels/meridians. It has a focus of creating harmonious and balanced movement of the mind, body and spirit.

When a space is created that is safe, accepting, attentive and devoid of self interest, there is an ability for the body to find it’s own self healing processes.

Briefly speaking, Zenthai shiatsu draws on:

  •  Zen shiatsu, using Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture points without needles.
  • Traditional Thai massage, using myofascial releases and facilitated stretches and
  • Osteopathic techniques, including joint mobilisation and unwinding fascia

​Words from Gwyn Williams, founder of Zenthai Shiatsu:

“Beneath the surface there’s also invitation to a brand new conversation between two bodies: the simple intention is to let go of the fixations that bind us in pain or limited movement, moving into a new harmonious, un-fixated freedom.

The emphasis is placed mores on how we touch, the depth of presence and listening to a field that is innate, subtle and transformative.”

As a practicing musculoskeletal physiotherapist Ericka is able to support old & new injuries, acute & chronic conditions with a Zenthai shiatsu therapy session.

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