You may not have heard of Zen Thai Shiatsu, however if you have heard of Zen Shiatsu, Traditional Thai massage and osteopathy then you may want to think of these 3 modalities doing a dance together.

Briefly speaking, Zenthai shiatsu draws on:

  •  Zen shiatsu, using Traditional Chinese medicine and acupunture points without needles.
  • Traditional Thai massage, using myofascial releases and facilitated stretches and
  • Osteopathic techniques, including joint mobilisation and unwinding fascia

​Words from Gwyn Williams, founder of Zenthai Shiatsu:

Beneath the surface there’s also invitation to a brand new conversation between two bodies: the simple intention is to let go of the fixations that bind us in pain or limited movement, moving into a new harmonious, un-fixated freedom.

The emphasis is placed mores on how we touch, the depth of presence and listening to a field that is innate, subtle and transformative.

As a practicing musculoskeletal physiotherapist Ericka is able to support old & new injuries, acute & chronic conditions with a Zenthai shiatsu therapy session.

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