Zen Thai Shiatsu in my opinion ….

I recently completed a Zen Thai Shiatsu course that I have been participating in for the last 9 months. WOW what a roller coaster ride it has been.

I’ve been to a significant amount of training and post grad courses, but I have never been to one like this before. Initially when I started I thought I would simply be learning a form of manual therapy that encompasses my 3 loves; body work, dance/body movement and Chinese medicine but I had no idea that I would get this and so much more.

In retrospect what I have realised, is that this course is designed for individuals who want to embark on a journey as a body therapist but in order to do this one must learn about yourself… this includes; the good, the bad and the in-between. With this self reflection you are able to become more self accepting, what this self acceptance allows is love and compassion (Mettā) for yourself. What I have discovered with this inflated self love is that I am able to accept others more and honour them no matter what part of this healing journey they may be on.

The end of this Zenthai Shiatsu journey has really solidified that my job while I’m around on planet earth is to serve and to serve with great joy not a burden. It really is an honour to be given the trust in others bodies for providing manual therapy, to give advice on making an environment within the body conducive to healing, I don’t take this lightly.

If you have never heard of Zen Thai Shiatsu, you may have heard of Thai massage, Zen Shiatsu or osteopathy? If so then you might want to imagine these 3 modalities doing a dance together. It involves the stretches that often look like yoga moves encompassed in Thai massage, the acupressure points and sustained holds that you see in Zen Shiatsu and the joint mobility that comes with osteopathy.

On top of all of that wisdom that comes with these modalities, you must not forget that I am also a trained Physiotherapist, that looks at everyone who I offer Zen Thai Shiatsu sessions to, through my ‘physio lenses’. You can feel safe and supported with acute or chronic issues of the body when I am treating you.

Sessions run for 1 hour and health fund rebates are available.

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For more information on the founder Gwyn Williams or the Zen Thai Shiatsu community click this link Zen Thai Shiatsu

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Zen Thai Shiatsu 🤔 What's that? Floor based therapy that combines Zen Shiatsu, Thai massage and Osteopathy (joint mobilisation) techniques. During a session expect joints to be lubricated, fascia to be stretched, qi to get flowing. As as qualified physiotherapist I also use my physio lenses throughout every treatment. People often call it a massage but I think of it as multidisciplinary treatment that encompasses eastern philosophies and allopathic medicine. Want to book a session? Have any questions? Note: kelpies not included in the session 😜 #fascialstretchtherapy #zenthaishiatsu #qi #chi #osteopathy #physiotherapy #traditionalchinesemedicine #tcm #fascia #shiatsu #zen #bodywork #kelpie #kelpies #kelpiesofficial #kelpiesofinstagram #fortitudevalley #springhill

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